February 25, 2005


Holy cow I thought this would be easy. Anyone have knowledge of such things, please contact me. I'm trying to create some lists to add to the blog. You know, stuff like books I'm reading or movies I've seen. Something that would appear under the profile and archives stuff. So I go to myMediaList.com and you can create lists and get the html code. It's really easy. Then add the code to the website/blog of your choice and every time you update the list of books, movies, etc., on myMediaList.com, your webiste/blog is automatically updated too. Sounds great. But now that I have this string of code, I don't know where to put it. If I insert it into a "post" it shows up as a daily entry. I've emailed the Blogger.com folks, but if anyone out there is wise to this, please let me know. It seems that these "add ons" are easy to get, the code is easy to get, but what do I do with the code?

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  1. I may be able to help you. If you have the code then where to paste it is a breeze.

    You will see this:
    h2 class="sidebar-title" Archives /h2

    ul class="archive-list"

    If you want your "reading" code to go after the "previous posts" and before the "archives" section, then paste your code right BEFORE the above text.

    If you want it after the "archive section" paste it there.

    You will first need to go to your Dashboard (just click on the Blogger Button top left). Select this blog. Then go to the section "Template". Here you will find the entire HTML code to your blog. Go to where you want the "reading" section to go and paste it in there.

    If you have any questions I could try to answer them further. I'll check back to see how your doing. Keep up the great work here!!