February 21, 2005



After posting from the coffee chop this morning, J picked me up after seeing a couple of her appointments. Back at home, after we had lunch, I began the rest of my day off. Ever the queen of multi-tasking, I'm making three or four pepperoni breads for the guys at Aki's Body Shop in Ballard, doing the dishes, cooking a pot of beans for veggie chili, folding clothes, transferring catnip starts into larger pots, and planting some Oregon Snow Peas and some Scarlet Nantes carrots.

The reason I was in Ballard was to drop my car with Tom, the owner of Aki's. Tom, is a swell guy who is doing work on my car in preparation for the upcoming inspection. My lease is up very soon and this Thursday an inspector comes to my place of employment between 9 am and 1 pm to tell me if my car passes. Aside from the very small ding in the windshield, I should be in pretty good shape. Tom's guys are buffing out a scrape on the back bumper. He fit my car into his busy schedule and will have it done soon. He is a really nice guy who has been here for a party....brought lots of not so cheap wine. For the past three years he has given us a hefty gift certificate for Anthony's Home Port. Pepperoni bread is the least I can do.

The weather is amazingly beautiful and I can't let it go to waste. After spending my morning in a coffee shop it was time to get busy. J had to work today so I've been on my own for most of the time. It's kind of nice. I stay focussed and can move at my own pace, changing my direction on a whim. But she did drive me to Aki's and then pick me up from the coffee shop and bring me home and we had lunch together. So I think a surprise hunk of pepperoni bread for her is in order.

Working in the yard is more fun than most things. It doesn't matter how filthy I get, how sore I end up, how much or how little I accomplish, being outside, getting dirty while encouraging growth results in a true feeling of progress. I'm covered in dirt, compost, flour, olive oil, and various seasonings. There is chili on the stove, bread in the oven and seeds in the ground. What more could I ask for?

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