February 24, 2005


I want to thank Jeannie for the fabulous gifts from Nepal and Tibet! She travelled there in November of 2004 as part of the Spencer, WV Rotary Club. I had no idea I had gifts coming. I had purchased some very cool, hand-made pillow cases from her and the gifts came for the ride. I received two rocks from Everest Base Camp, a roll of Tibetan prayer flags, incense, a change purse from Pokhara, Nepal and a bracelet from Shigatze, Tibet. I also received a CD containing all of the pictures from her trip. I've included a few shots here. Thank you a million times for these great gifts! I also love the pillow cases (sorry the payment has been delayed...it's actually been in my bag ready to be mailed for a week...today for sure!) I was going to use them as presents but screw that - I love them and they are already stuffed (with two of our current couch pillows) and are gracing the couch. The pouch is great too. I plan it to be filled with fine-point Sharpies, man! I've got ALL the colors they make.

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  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Have added this page to "favorites"...I also love sharpies.