February 23, 2005


The guys at Aki’s did a wonderful job on my car. I wish the pepperoni bread had come out better. I have a plan for the next time I make it. A secret weapon. Tom said all the guys really liked it but I told him I would make it again and it would be better.

Received my permanent crown yesterday afternoon - from a dentist, not a monarchy. It’s gold. I feel like a rap star. Actually, it’s not visible since it’s the last tooth in the back on top. Gold is no more expensive than porcelin, it requires less removal of the original structure, and it’s the most biocompatible with the body. It looked like a shiny new hubcap while the D.D.S. was polishing it. After my crowning, I walked home (trying to stay humble even with the gold). I was really moving. When I walk alone I make better time (no offense, Erin. It’s just an observation). When I walk with Erin we chat and grocery shop and chat. We shop like old ladies. Erin will get a cucumber for salad that night and a can of chili for Bruce’s lunch. I’ll get a bag of baby spinach and a pot scrubber. And we always know which store has the deals. It’s a talent. We get it from our grandmothers.

On the way home yesterday some enterprising young man hit me up for a donation to his Tsunami relief fund. He was selling his stuffed animal collection out of his driveway and sporting his martial arts uniform. I tried to talk him out of soliciting me, untruthfully claiming that my animals would eat the toys, but he was persistent in a friendly way. I ended up buying a walrus for $1. I also unloaded two Sacagawea dollars on him that I was tired of carrying. "Wow. Can we use these in America?" I hope so; it was the damn government who coughed them up at the post office. I forgot what school he claimed he attended. For all I know he’s a martial arts-con man-midget. I hate stuffed animals anyway.

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