November 25, 2005


The next day J had to work but I was spared the trauama of employment. Sally and I went to a chic yarn store in Madison Park. Though French, the woman who assisted us with the yarn managed to muster enough personality to demonstrate a cast on method that was new to Sally. Sally later demonstrated this for me when she taught me the basics of knitting. More on that later. We next went to Big John's Pacific Food Importers. I wanted to link to it here as I have done in the past but the website is undergoing some changes. I was hoping there would be lots of holiday goodies displayed. Some were available but I was disappointed. I guess I will have to check back. I did pick up a few items but I will probably go back before Christmas.

Now, let's talk knitting. I've been wanting to learn for a long time. The book I have is a very good tool but doesn't take the place of someone actually sitting down with you and showing you the moves. I took my knitting gear that I received as a birthday present from Iva and got to work with Sally as my guide. After many false starts, I finally learned how to cast on (the double loop method), knit and purl. And this is what I did the rest of the day and all that evening. Cast on, knit, purl. Screw it all up. Start again. Purling proved confusing. Reading the description made it worse. I found a cool site on which I could watch little
video clip of the purl stitch. It was a little distrcting that the "actress" sported long nails done in a French (the French again!) manicure, but it was better than reading directions. But if you have to read directions, this site proved helpful too. For more video help, I've recently discovered, but have not had time to watch much of, Knitting Help. They have lengthy video clips of the English/American methods and the Continental methods. Not sure yet if the iMac at home can support the clips. But a PC should be able to just fine.

My biggest problem so far seems to be the pain in my wrist and forearm. Sure, time and practice will help me become a better knitter. But if this pain persists, I probably shouldn't knit? I don't want kntting to give me carpal tunnel syndrome. If I already have it to some degree, I don't want it to get worse.

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