November 12, 2005


First day in Vegas. Perhaps the longest day ever. Because the time zone didn't change, time seemed to stand still. Not at all that we weren't having a great time. But we kept checking the time thinking it was several hours later than it was. Even a two hour nap didn't help.

Stephanie and Dave picked us up from the airport and she had prepared a picnic basket for the ride home. Granted, it wasn't a long ride, but the treats were very welcomed. Fruit, cheese, candy, muffins, water. We tore into that. We eventually went to breakfast but Dave had to go to work. We girls went to Mimi's Cafe. Extremely yummy food and freshly made tomato juice! After several cups of coffee at Mimi's we hit a few stores then once home we sat by the pool and relaxed. I eventually crashed into a deep sleep for a couple of hours.

After the nap we took Lexi and Macy for a walk. Crazy mutts. There is a small patch of green within the development where they live and they had a good time pooping their way through it.

Back at home we headed for the hot tub. Though the evenings are quite cool, the hot tub and the pool are about 94 degrees. We eventually made our way into the pool and were well water-logged by the time we got out. Dave came home and we made dinner. I chopped some fresh tomatoes and basil and heaped it onto some sliced baguette with grated cheese for very tasty bruschetta. There was a veggie tray and fresh shrimp cocktail. I also whipped up a Washington Apple cocktail for Steph. This didn't stop her from conitnuing to drain Dave's drinks throughout the night. We introduced Dave and Steph to the card game Hand and Foot and they took to it right away. Julie and Dave had much better luck as a team than did Steph and I. But paybacks are a bitch so a re-match will probably be held tomorrow night.

Tomorrow Julie and I will hit the strip for some touristesque activity. Monday we head to Red Rock Canyon for a hike. Having fun!

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