November 13, 2005


Another very busy day. After everyone got their breakfast, Dave, Steph and I went to work-out at the condo complex where they lived prior to this current house. I jumped on and off the eliptical trainer and the bike plus did some of the weight machines. We picked up coffee on the way home. OK, so it was Starbucks the whole trip. You go with the flow when you are on vacation.

After this Dave was kind enough to drop off me and Julie at Mandalay Bay which is at one end of The Strip. Today we would walk this famous boulevard as tourists. This part of The Strip is not the old famous part that you see in TV shows about Las Vegas. Unfortunately, we never made it to that part, referred to as Downtown or Fremont Street. But we will be back and you can't do it all in one day.

We stopped into some of the big name joints like Luxor, MGM, Bellagio, New York, New York, and ended at The Wynn. In between we had lunch and bought a t-shirt. Julie played a few slots. So did I. I lost an entire $14! And $5 of that was Julie's. That's the extent of my gambling. What I wanted to know was where was everybody getting those bright yellow M&M bags. This became my new goal. We finally found the M&M store. Four whole floors of merchandising. None of which I wanted to even see. I just wanted the dame candy. In all the confusion (and there was plenty - the place was packed) we missed our first floor opportunity to buy bulk candy in a scaled down version of the mega M&M spitter on the 3rd floor. So we jockeyed our way to the upper floor and there along the back wall was every color, every variety of M&M is tall bulk chutes. I grabbed a bag and filled it with about a pound of mega milk chocolate, peanut, and dark chocolate candy. We then shoved and pushed our way out of there. I didn't even take a bright yellow bag (the conservationist in me, you know).

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