July 04, 2010

A Tale of Two Peninsulas

Yesterday our adventure took us to Seabeck, Washington on the Kitsap Peninsula and Quilcene, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula. We began in Seabeck to meet up with D & G at their home. D & J met us there too and the six of us headed to Quilcene for an afternoon of music. But not before a delicious picnic supplied by our hosts, D & G.
They spoiled us all day and it began with the picnic on the grounds of the Olympic Music Festival. If you haven't been to a concert in the barn yet, make sure you make time for it this year. The season began yesterday and runs to August 22. After a which included roasted red peppers, cheese, salami, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, bread, red quinoa salad, broccoli salad, macaroni salad, Ranier cherries, and a nice bottle of rosé.
The program we saw was:


DEBUSSY: Suite Bergamasque
SCHUMANN: Kinderszenen, Op.15, Scenes of Childhood
MOZART: Adagio in B Minor, K. 540
GRIEG: From Lyric Pieces

Paul Hersh, Piano

You can watch the performance from inside or outside the barn. There is an upper level too.
During intermission we took a nice walk around the grounds.I had to record the fact that the sun shone upon us, if only for a little while.If you're worried you might make an ass of yourself, hang out where asses are already in residence. Back in Seabeck at D & G's place we were spoiled again. Their house is on Hood Canal. Down on the beach I found plenty of interesting colors, shapes, and critters.Inside the house there was a buffet of wine (For the record, just two of these bottles were opened before dinner and then two others opened during dinner.). Before dinner we nibbled on cheeses, nuts, and crackers while we sipped the vino.I couldn't resist this warped shot of me and S in the light above the table.
For dinner G prepared a beautiful piece of salmon on his new grill. Perfection. We also had corn and a wonderful salad. By the way, beside the food and the music there was actually plenty of good conversation. D & G are wonderful hosts. Soon we will host them. But G can bring the wine.

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  1. Anonymous7:19 PM

    What a lovely time! I always wondered what D & G's place on the Hood was like?! Way cool effect of you and S! Miss you! HEidi