May 23, 2010

Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop

Today we explored half of the 6 mile Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop. Not sure why Seattle Parks and Recreation spells the name of this Duwamish chief differently than the Duwamish spell it on their tribal web site. However, this loop is a great urban walk covering several neighborhoods. Along the way we explored a P-Patch, a handful of the thirty-five total pocket parks along the loop, residential neighborhoods, commercial complexes and industrial business areas. Noisy to quiet. Pretty to grimy. Everything in between.
Here is the Eastlake P-Patch. The gardeners here know what they are doing. It's a patch tended as a labor of love and has several pieces of handmade art and folkie craft items.
Here be rusted chain dragons.
I do love bugs and critters.
Perfect use for toy soldiers and such.

Plenty of beautiful flowers along this walk (barring any industrial areas).
Nope, not a neglected bike, just a cool piece of garden art.
I'm a sucker for tiles.

Came across a couple of beautiful plants with these lovely tiny flowers. Each was very similar in appearance (above ground) to an allium like a leek or garlic.
Another pocket park. Each one had a name but I can't remember off hand the name of this one. We had a printed map which named each park but it's upstairs and I'm downstairs - so there. I should add that this loop is very well marked by easy to spot blue signs to guide Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop walkers.
Again, a sucker for tiles.

House boats can be found in several places on Lake Union.
We could see a few adult geese and these goslings up ahead on the sidewalk but we had no option (other than to swim around the buildings) but to slowly approach and just quietly walk past. The adults hissed but we expected that. The goslings just scurried away in a group and re-huddled a few feet from their original resting spot. Here is a quick video.
At the south end of the lake is the Center For Wooden Boats. We were able to walk all around the boardwalks and check out the boats up close.
I liked the different colored little boats. All in all this is a great urban walk. Next week we might do the other half. After that we'll take on the whole thing. On our walk back to the car, we took Eastlake instead of Fairview (which you are on the whole time on this side of the lake) so we could stop in and rest our feet and re-fuel at Grand Central Bakery. Pretty good lattes. Didn't try the food but it looked good.

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