July 16, 2008

Oregon Country Fair

Finally made it to the Oregon Country Fair. It's very similar to the Solstice Parade only MUCH bigger. It was really different, as fairs go. Everyone was really, really nice. No one pushing or shoving or saying things under their breath. The weather was very hot and sunny but most of the fair is shaded! I was very surprised and very happy about that. The setting is very pretty with parts of the grounds running along a river. Many of the merchants have been at the fair for years and have permanent stalls. Many merchants have built tree-house like structures over the stalls and they live up there for the few days of the fair.

Five of us (Me, S, K, A and N) piled into the car for the 12 mile ride from Eugene to Veneta. Only $5 to park all day. Things at the fair are surprisingly organized. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. After all, this is the 39th year for this event. Still, sometimes you get to a fairgrounds and it's just bedlam. But this was great.

By the way, when in Eugene, stop in at Allann Bros. Coffee on 5th. We hit it both days we were in town.There was so much good food at the fair. Had delicious falafel that wasn't dry and bitter. Had wonderful juice drinks.
Had a decadent dessert dish of coconut ice cream on top of sweet, sticky rice. One is all you need until next year's fair. Very rich. Shared a Frisco Chicken sandwich which is one of the must haves if you go. Saw more stilt walkers in one place than ever before. Nabbed a couple of cool t-shirts. Visited with M & A, old friends of S who help run a tie-dye booth.

I've included some general shots. My personal people shots will remain personal. Not everyone likes to be on the Internet.

I'd like to go next year and plan on attending some of the classes and staying for some of the shows.

This is why you need to wear sunscreen.

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