July 30, 2008

The I.D. Revisited - Briefly

This past weekend friends M & A stayed a couple nights with us while making there way back down from the Canadian San Juans to their home in Oakland. We spent a relaxing afternoon strolling through the International District.

A visit to the International District should include certain things. Visit a bakery. There are several. We've been to Piece of Cake in the past and love the red bean cakes and rolls. Not pictured are the rolls in which they stuff red bean paste rather than run it through the rolled up pastry like pictured. There are more sweets than savories here but I'm never disappointed. They also sell breads and cookies packaged up on big shelves. I always salivate over those shelves but buying one item from the case helps with portion control - a very difficult discipline in the I.D.
Gotta wash down the red bean rolls with something. We headed to Oasis Tea Zone for bubble tea. There's bound to be a flavor or style you like here. This day I had a coconut milk tea with tapioca. Mmmmmmm.
S tries to decide on a book in the cavernous Elliot Bay Book Co..
We discover a glass works store and stop to watch glass blowers at work creating wonderful pieces.

It was really hot just standing next to the room. I don't know how these guys could take that heat that was actually pouring from the room. There was on floor fan but I hardly think it did much.

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