May 28, 2008

Garden Growth

Over the weekend we worked hard in the yard. Sunday I hauled, dumped, mixed and distributed soil mix to grow tomatoes, winter and sumer squash and a few various potted plants around the yard. Tomatoes will live in lovely big cedar containers, each with nasturtiums for company and to draw the aphids. Those cala lillies practically grow out from underneath the house. Monday there was more weeding and more planting early in the morning before the rain started. Yesterday S mowed the lawn and laid drip irrigation throughout the yard. That project continues later - we ran out of garden staples. Garden work never seems to end but it's fun. I suppose it's not suppose to end. The garden is a dynamic entity. It would all have to be dead to stop. That would be awful. When I think of how things looked a year ago I'm amazed and delighted with the work we have done. And "firing" the landscape crew was the best move.
While I worked the dirt, S weeded and weeded and weeded and planted all sorts of great plants to fill in where some were removed due to age or failure to grow. Here is the little veggie patch, home to peas and beans, broccoli, beets, chard (I hope), arugula, baby bok choi, turnips, etc. A nice patch of moss roses to the right of the veggies. To think that I pruned these brutally two months ago. When they die back I will prune again and again.
Wonderful geraniums have bloomed.
This little ladybug has a big droplet of water on its head.
Poppies are still a bit shy but wear the dew well.

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