May 25, 2008

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge

This was my third time to the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge and I never tire of it. It's like a get-away but it's only an hour and 15 minutes from home. What a great walk around the 5.5 mile trail. You will travel through riparian forest, then along the Nisqually River, then to the mudflats of the Nisqually Delta and so on. The weather was great. There was a breeze to help ease the slight humidity that came with the heat. We saw plenty of critters, got a great walk, had a good lunch while admiring the Olympics and spotting eagles and herons with the binoculars. Spotted this young deer through the grasses. Afterwards we headed north to Belfair for dinner with A & A at their beach house on Hood Canal. After that it was a bit of a drive back to Southworth, an hour wait for a ferry, then a stop at Vashon Is. before getting back to Fauntleroy. Luckily, we only minutes from the ferry terminal. A long but wonderful day.

Saw plenty of these delicate dragonflies. And the wildflowers were blooming everywhere.

As we ate lunch, we spotted herons and eagles over the mudflats of the Nisqually Delta. The Olympics make a scenic back drop.

Off in the distance we could just make out the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

Mama duck and her eleven ducklings. Watch out for the herons!

Keep away from the ducklings, heron.

Frogs know how to hide and they really love the slimy stuff.


  1. I enjoyed these wonderful photos!

  2. Thanks, Meg. It was a pleasure to take them. The Pacific Northwest has a nature photo opp everywhere you turn.

  3. I really enjoy your page.However, I am confused at when you tell about yourself, you make no mention of how you enjoy spending time with your sister and how you miss her terribly, and how you love to call her everyday! But other than that, nice photos and recipes.:-)

  4. That frog is so cool! I would've never seen it as it blends in so well with it's surroundings!

  5. Stephanie, you're a riot. I'll call you in a few minutes to tell so.