April 12, 2007


One's landscape misfortune is another's opportunity. Sally came home one day to discover much of her garden weed-whacked within an inch of its life. A shock. A heartache in some cases where the plants were completely unsalvageble. However, it gave her the opportunity to reconsider what her garden was about and gave me the opportunity to grow vegetables again - something I was sure I wouldn't get a chance to do for at least a few years after moving into an apartment. It's a win-win. Tucked here and there, on each side of her property, are various greens, carrots, beets, turnips, winter and summer squash, peas, bok choi, chard, herbs, Walla Walla Sweets and in a couple of months beans and tomatoes and basil. Here are some before and current shots of how things are growing.

This above photo shows the corner where the driveway joins with the sidewalk. This area was probably the hardest hit by whatever machine did the cutting. Most things have revived. Some things were rearranged. Some things were mourned. The space in front of the porch now houses peas, carrots and lots of greens. It's the future home of tomatoes.

These peas I started indoors and transplanted. Same for the greens. I then direct sowed a carpet of arugula, mustard, bon jardin mix and one other thing that I can't remember. I then put in a row of carrots running almost the whole length of the bed. Carrots do love tomatoes so by the time the tomato plants go in, there will be bushy carrot tops to keep them company. The greens will have been long ago eaten.

At the corner of the property I planted beets, carrots, turnips and winter squash. The idea is that the squash will be trained up and along the rocks. That will give it plenty of room to roam and will look nice too. I did throw in one summer squash in this bed. We'll see how that goes. I will probably start a small variety in a large pot too. Here are the before and current shots.

Realizing that I missed the proper garlic planting time by months, I considered planting a few heads for the hell of it but where? Found this cozy nook. I added a whole bag of compost to this already well-worked soil. By the time October-November rolls around, we'll have something strongly resembling garlic that will taste great. OR, I'll just harvest it very young as "green" garlic. Any way I look at it, we're getting a garlic product and I'm working an area that I plan to use in the Fall.

Between the poppies and lavender we've got chard, radicchio and bok choi.

Finally, along the "front" of the house we have a bed of greens, carrots, turnips and beets. Not sure if there will be enough light for the root veggies but this is a really great spot for greens. This is the earliest shot. Currently, there is lots of sprouting going on. We will eat arugula and mustard in about two weeks.

There's other stuff going on too. Photos to follow soon - weather permitting.

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  1. This is TOO COOOL! Please post updated photos as the garden grows.

    :), Marjorie