April 26, 2008

Urban Growth

Here are a couple of Orange Smoothie Pumpkin starts. I've got two in the ground. Not sure where these two will go. Perhaps just in a big container and then set amongst the landscaping to spill over the rock wall.

Everyone in the garden got a good dose of water fortified with fish emulsion. That includes me. I guess that litre bottle has been in the shed a looooooong time. I was shaking it and then I gave it a squeeze cuz I could feel the weight of the product and I wanted to get things moving. Well, one squeeze was all it took to crack the thing and I got sprayed all over the front of my shorts. Pretty much looked like I had explosive diarrhea but in the front. Yeah, and it smelled good too. The cat was really diggin' me when I went inside.

Planted some bok choi and rainbow chard starts and then more of the same seed. Planted nasturtium starts and discovered a clump of volunteer sunflowers. Last month I had seen the old, half-eaten sunflower head from last year in the drive way. These things disappear and then turn up again as various critters pick them over. So it made its way to a clump of dirt by the sage plants. We'll have to thin them but it will be nice to have sunflowers. I have several sunflower seeds germinating in the greenhouse anyway. I'll just plug them everywhere. The more you plant the more you should get to survive?

Turnips have been sprouted for over a week so I planted more seed, along with a full array of lettuces around the broccoli starts. I've basically packed that little bed with growth potential. I have thousands of seeds, I might as well use them.

What's going on in your veggie gardens?

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