April 28, 2008

Redmond Watershed Preserve

The weather on Saturday was what we've been waiting for - sunny and warm-ish. We were up and out early for a get-a-way that wasn't too away. Over in Redmond is the Redmond Watershed Preserve, a park with 800 acres and over seven miles of multi-use trails. It's a great place for a run or a hike and even a bike ride. Horses, too, can meander these trails so watch your step. We highly recommend this place for a hike. Get there early so you can soak up the quiet - except for the birds and frogs and such. We heard woodpeckers, we spotted geese and a heron, crossed paths with a couple of deer, and saw lots of birds and a snake. We also got a really good 4 miles of walking to start our day. Once back home we hit the yard to plant flowers.

Here is the basic map and directions. Here is Karen Sykes' article from the Seattle P-I.

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  1. Bo, this is a great place to have in your "back yard".