April 23, 2006


Saturday morning we hit the pavement. We ran (walked) all over our errands in about 2.25 hours – non-stop. Hit Madison Market for groceries. Then trekked to Vivace for coffee beans. The Capitol Hill Library for a small stack of books and videos on hold for me. Then the long trek back home. It was very good exercise and the weather was brilliant. Nicer than exercising in the stinky Y. The “fresh” air of the outdoors is always nicer. Plus, we got more exercise. With 20 lbs. in the backpack (J weighed it) and plenty of hills to climb on the way home, we didn’t feel bad about missing the Y.

Once home I hit the yard to really assess what the hell is going on in some areas. I limited myself to two beds or I make myself crazy with the amount of work that needs to be done.

Some plants I began inside were ready to be transplanted. A few nasturtiums and sunflowers and some endive and cilantro. Posted by Picasa

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