April 27, 2006

Today I Saw...

...the first sign of strawberries. The plants in this large wash tub always do well. They are healthy and just starting to show littel buds.

In garden today I harvested all the lettuce and planted a whole mess of other greens in the long bed along the house. I made good notes too. I even wrote numbers on the 2 by 4's of the bed to mark the "rows" and noted in my book exactly what I planted in each row. I then covered the whole area with row cover and gave it a good soaking. It was a time-consuming job. Some days you just need to pick your garden battles and really work only one area, even if it's just a 12 or 15 square foot space.

I then completely re-organized the seed /plant start flats and re-organized ny notebook on the matter. Lots and lots of new seeds planted for basils, flowers, winter squash, etc. And some worm castings added to the soiless mix. Couldn't hurt. Another flat is waiting and I have plans for it too.

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