March 03, 2006


Having third thoughts about the garden. We will be in this house another summer (probably longer). The full garden will be planted. This means I have to move quickly. I'm far behind. Tomorrow after we return from errands and a community gathering, I will hit the yard hard. Sunday I will start plenty of seeds indoors. Exciting and frustrating at the same times. I wasn't terribly pleased with the garden last year. We just don't get enough sun for some of the plants. Obe of the main reason I want to leave this house. Lack of sun overall reduces the potential for rotating crops. In turn, I think this has resulted in some pest and disease problems. But, hell, I simply can't put the tomato plants in most areas of the yard. More than any other veggie I grow, the tomatoes need the sun.

So tomorrow it begins. With mostly heirlooms. A bit nervous about that too. Will keep you posted. And will be taking better notes on the garden this year. A new goal of mine.

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