March 05, 2006


Yesterday we got into the yard, if only for a few hours. It was lookin' a little backwoods around here. A winter of rain makes everything look, well, washed out, drenched, even if the day is dry and sunny. You have to get your hands on things and spruce them up. There was a tremendous amount of weeding. J hit all the pots and I hit the garden beds. I discovered that I have very healthy lettuce and mizuna growing happily under row cover.

Much to my surprise, the parsnip were thriving. Nothing bothers these things. I wonder if there is an untapped parsnip market out there. No pests every bothered the greens and they kept growing even after I would cut them back because they were shading young carrots that needed sun. And they made it through the winter with no protection. I had to dig deep and pull hard. A couple of these things were like caveman clubs! Now, I don't know from parsnips so I'm not sure how they will taste. I do know that the greens were very fragrant. But I've got these slated for roasting and then for soup, probably mixed with either sweet potatoes or carrots. And some will go to Sally.

And there are a few head of cabbage that I planted last fall as small starts. They, too, survived the winter and the rain and the few days of frost. Now we are four heads ahead, so to speak.

I also turned the straw bale bed with a pitchfork. I was ecstatic to see lots of red wigglers haveing a feast. I feel much better about this bed now that I see stuff is happening inside. It will be easier to shell out the dough for some dirt/compost for the tomato plants that will reside in this bed. I buried some veggie garbage deep within it too. I pulled out old arugula and stuff and just dropped it in while I was turning the bed with the pitchfork.

The weather guessers say it will rain for the next 6 days but I'm hoping to get some beans and peas and carrots and beets going. Oh, beets, I do still have several starts still alive and well from end of last season. I hope that means I have a head start on those too. And I can also start all my other seeds indoors. Will try to get to that today. But man, that yard looks five times better. Did lots of pruning too. And the tarragon plant survived outside all winter. I had it under our glass table so it w ouldn't drown but I was sure the temperature would eat it. Nope. There is bright green new growth all over it. We could start harvesting it right now if we wanted. A dressing of fresh compost wouldn't hurt but there plant is thriving and I am pleased.

We have a very busy day ahead. We have both been up since before 6 and we have people coming for dinner. Much to do between now and then. Pay bills, clean house, grocery shop, maybe get to the Y?

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