February 04, 2006


Well, I've purchased the yarn for my sweater and a new pair of size 11 needles, long ones and really nice wood. But I'm afraid to begin. First of all, last Monday's kntting class was cancelled and in that class we were to learn a few of the stitches I will need to make this sweater. Secondly, I'm plain scared. So to satisfy my knitting itch, I started another scarf. Planend on using the white, sparkly yarn for my sister's scarf but i really don't like the thin yarn and the thin needles. So I decided to use two strands together. But I was only about 10 rows into the thing when I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn for this method. For 30 minutes I painstakingly unravelled and picked apart the yarn and rewound the skeins. So, Steph's scarf will not be white and sparkly, at least not yet. In the meantime, I took the initial yarn I received from Iva as the birthday gift that started it all and paired this with the white yarn. And I've been wanting to try knitting two yarns together for a while. It's really no different from one yarn at a time. And the result is a nice dense feel which is what I wanted but couldn't have accomplished with the thin yarn alone. Here is the result so far. If someone likes the colors, they are welcomed to the scarf though the finish date is far off - the sweater will very soon be the priority.

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