February 10, 2006


Cats like laundry, folded and warm right from the dryer. Idgie prefers to crawl under things, including the clean laundry. This action I observed earlier. So I sacrificed a pair of pajama pants to her efforts. I tossed the pants over her and she was happy. She is still sitting under them, 20 minutes later, and she will stay there for probably a few hours. Why move? She got what she wanted.


  1. you're a nice cat person to let her stay where she was happy and come back to your laundry later. ;-)

  2. Yes, well, it's often easier to just let them stay occupied. I can get more done. I don't have kids but it probably works the same way. Besides, as soon as you put on the clean pajama pants, the cats are all over you. They should just sell clothes with the pet hair already on them.