September 11, 2005


Fresh is best
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Decided to give Trader Joe's pizza dough a chance. When we arrived at the store we discovered only one bag remaining. We came to buy whole wheat and left with garlic and herb. Not a fan of the pre-seasoned , pre-made dough but we were getting hungrier by the minute. Once home we sliced up onion, a couple large mushrooms, fresh mozzarella, olives, fresh basil and some thinly sliced pancetta. While the pizza baked we did a pilates tape. While we ate half the pizza we watched Alexander and sipped Woods Lake Winery's Red, a great pizza wine. The pizza was delicious even at 9:30 pm and then for lunch again today. The movie was mediocre but had great battle scenes. The dough from TJ's worked pretty well. We suggeste, however, to partially bake the crust, add the sauce and toppings and continue baking. This is our plan of attack for next time because last night we ended up with a slightly soft center.

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