September 18, 2005


Perhaps inspired by the full Harvest Moon that would appear that
night, or maybe encouraged by a healthier alternative to store-bought
tomato sauce, we were up early on Saturday and headed to Sally’s house
and spent the day canning tomatoes.

We canned about 70lbs. of tomatoes, yielding 22 pints and 17 quarts. We took home 12 quarts. Part of our labor was for Sally’s friend,Theresa, in exchange for use of her pressure canner.

The system was simple enough. First we blanched the tomatoes to make them easy to peel. Then we cored and roughly chopped them before we filled the jars. A little salt, a little lemon juice and then the lids and rings. Several jars can fit into the pressure canner at once and it takes about 17 minutes to finish the three step pressure process.

We are set for a long time. There were even whole tomatoes left over that we took home. Vegetarian chili, fresh salsa, and delicious pasta sauce are in our immediate future.

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