August 10, 2005

While this was going on I had laundry going and had done some dishes. At 3:30 I walked inside to see to some laundry but then decided that I was done for the day. I was hot, covered in grime, and exhausted. I stripped it all off right in front of the washing machine and walked right into a shower. We had dinner plans so I needed to make a huge salad and just sit down for a while.

We headed to West Seattle to have dinner at Linda'shouse with Nathan and Jennifer. We sat out on the deck sipping wine and discussing city politics, bahn mi, train travel, kayaking, etc. When it came time to cook the big salmon, we realized the grill was lacking propane. Nathan was kind enough to walk over to U-Haul to round up more but they had already closed. Time
to improvise. Unfortunately, Nathan wasn't feeling well so he left. But not before he helped Julie split open the fish completely. Seems the fishmonger got distracted while he was tending to it. Julie simply baked the fish in the oven and it was delicious. Jennifer brought very tasty veggie and tofu kabobs and an amazingly delicious pear and ginger crisp (not to be confused with a crumble, or a betty). Corn was on the menu along with the big salad and baguette we brought. We ate like we had just come off a chain gang and there was still food for the taking when we went home. I apologize for the lack of photos. They really looked bad when viewed on the computer. For some reason they are extrememly dark though I used the flash.

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