August 10, 2005


Sunday I got finally had my hair cut. I had crazyhair. Then we headed back to West Seattle for coffee at Speranza Coffee House. This is where we left the car, grabbed the backpacks and headed to the West Seattle Farmer's Market. It's 1.3 miles each way which was a good enough walk for us because our day was going to be busy. We got some great stuff at the market. Several kinds of cherry tomatoes so sweet like candy. Willie's Greens always has the best sautee greens and salad mix. We stuffed the backpacks then headed back to the car. We then attacked the PCC Natural Food Market where we loaded up all on sorts of stuff for which we had coupons. Love it when the natural food marts have coupons for the stuff we like to buy. The coupons in the Sunday paper are practically useless to us.

Once back at home I attacked the yard again and J the inside of the house. Always so much to do. But we halted the work early in order to wind down. J picked up the latest Harry Potter book which she is devouring. I worked on the July edition of the BO-BUTT BEACON. Having trouble with that. Having issues with burning the PDF version to disc in order to take it to work and shrink it. For folks who have been to the BO-BUTT FUN 101 vacation site, you aren't missing anything by not receiving the July BO-BUTT. It's all about the vacation in order to share the experience with folks who don't have internet.

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