August 24, 2005


Last Sunday Sally and I headed to Hyas Lake, a good distance east of Seattle out route 90, through and beyond Roslyn and then to Salmon La Sac. Our destination, Hyas Lake, is a beautifully blue and teal body of water surrounded by Alpine-like wilderness. OK, the ride took longer than the hike. But the ride was just as fun as the hike. OK, the 13 miles of gravel road wasn't exaclty fun but was better than a trip to the gynecologist. The hike itself was very fun. Practically flat, mostly wooded, and with pretty views of Cathedral Rock and the lake. Thimbleberries and huckleberries were available for snacking. You had to dodge some horse poop but where don't you?

Once at the lake we stopped and tended to a hot spot on Sally's foot. I learned that I am incapable of tearing first aid tape. My hopes of becoming a field medic are dashed. The bugs at the lake were a pain in the arm, at least for Sally, who was stung by a fluffy black and yellow bee. Good thing she didn't need any tape.

We were hardly alone on this hike. It's a very popular hike to hook up with longer hikes to Deception Pass and then beyond to other lakes and the tippy tops of big rocks. We both decided it would be worth the drive to return and continue up to Deception Pass, a welcomed challenge.

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