December 09, 2009


I know we aren't getting tons of snow like what is hammering folks in the Mid-West, but this is cold and we don't like it. It's colder still in other parts of th greater Puget Sound area. Put on the kettle and pull on a sweater.

Live from my G1!

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  1. jeannie4:03 PM

    Dang, Bo! I don't remember Seattle ever getting that cold when I was there. It was 60 degrees here today! But winds were 50 mph. At one point, it was raining on one side of my house and sunny and dry on the other. Mind you, my house is only 12 feet wide. Downright bizarre weather everywhere if you ask me. Those damn adults in the 70's with their pollution and such...WE certainly don't do any of THAT NOW!!!