December 19, 2009

Adventures a la Turk

We ran off to Turkey for two weeks on a Rick Steves tour - Turkey in 13 Days. I've been planning a trip to Turkey since I met Edna while on the Rick Steves Barcelona tour in 2004. Edna told all of these great stories of her lifetime of traveling with her husband. She told stories of when she and her family did the Turkey tour. She had me at merhaba (that’s hello).

Please visit our Turkey vacation blog, Adventures a la Turk. There are two weeks worth of photos, videos, stories, and links on the blog I’ve created dedicated to our Turkey trip.

If you don’t visit Adventures a la Turk you will never get to read my essay on using the squatty potty. You won’t learn how to make g√∂zleme at home. You won’t see the Rose Valley from a hot air balloon or a ninth century church carved out of volcanic rock and covered in frescoes. You will miss plenty.


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