August 07, 2008

Hiking on The Iron Horse Trail

A recent hike along the Iron Horse Trail near Snoqualmie Pass along the I-90 corridor. We started at the Hyak Sno-Park where we cross country skied in '07. From this point most folks head west so they can hike/bike through the old tunnel. We headed east to avoid the crowds of cyclists and the tunnel. A short tunnel is fine but this one is over two miles long - in the dark. Granted, we could wear our headlamps. But the novelty would wear out long before two miles.

We had the trail to ourselves with the exception of some cyclists now and then. It was quiet. It was sunny. It was hot. On I-90 there are large electric message boards providing road conditions and such. The message board indicated the temperature at 67 degrees. But it was certainly hotter than that on the trail.

Spotted some beautiful columbines.

Lake Keechelus is huge. You drive along it on I-90 and during some points of the year the water level is low. This reveals hundreds of tree stumps usually hidden under the water.
The trail is flat but gravel. After a while the gravel get to your feet, especially your toes. It's really nice to find a couple of potty stops along the way. One is brand-spanking new, still in the process of being painted. By far the cleanest pit toilet I've used. It services a walk-in camp sites. We stopped there and snacked at a picnic table in the shade.

Brilliant orange lillies.
Similar shots from two different seasons.
A couple more from a cross-country ski trip in January '07.

Lake Keechelus under snow.

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