July 26, 2009

Not Too Far Get-A-Way

We wanted to get away but not too away. We wanted to see some water but didn't want to deal with the long ferry lines. We didn't want to be gone all day. We headed to Camano Island State Park located on, well, Camano Island. This is the very first place I ever went camping. J. K. and A. C. and I camped overnight and I spent a very uncomfortable night in the back of a pick-up truck. But we had fun.
S and I left around 8:30 in the morning, stopped in the U-District for coffee, stopped again for a snack and a potty break. We hit the beach by 10:45. We snagged a picnic table at the very end of the beach. We had the place to ourselves. I was looking for pictures and critters and interesting things. I found lots of color and texture. For example, this poor starfish. Looks like he got caught up in the tide and couldn't find a hiding spot. He's upside down, by the way. But this is how I found him.
We had a picnic lunch of yummy things like olives, roasted peppers, hummus, dolmas, blueberries, and some dark chocolate for dessert.

Before we left we spotted a couple bald eagles. This is as close as I could get but you get the idea.


  1. kirkhoffee7:02 AM

    excellent snaps, Bo! Definitely great "textures!" Glad you had a good time. I remember the camp-out, but didn't remember where it was. Did you bring your yummy lunch? Can you send me a hummous recipe? Mine's not all that great even though it comes from Toledo's Lebaneze Mob's God Mother (Mrs. Joseph).

  2. kirkoffee, sure, I can send you a hummus recipe (the hummus for our picnic was store-bought). I'm sure I'll be talking to you soon. Regarding teh camp out, don't you remember eating at the The Viking? It's still there!

  3. Heidi1:23 PM

    Good picts.... glad you were able to get away, although not as away as I know you wanted... oh the sacrifces we have to make for those little being that we love!

  4. Heidi, I don't know how you do kids!