March 07, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small

It's because this bird was no bigger than a crow that I didn't think to look up. I was sitting on the couch in front of the picture window and the cat had just made herself comfortable on my lap (which took forever). I see birds come and go all the time but something made me look up at the wire. I knew immediately it wasn't a crow but couldn't tell what it was. I thought about it for a solid minute before I tossed the cat onto the floor (she really didn't like that) and ran for the camera. I only got three quick shots before it stepped off the wire, swooped almost to the ground across the street then began to fly away. It's a horrible picture but once I boosted the exposure to the max I was actually able to make out the features: the beak, eye, ring around the neck, white underside feathers and two white tail-bands. Once I locate my bird book I hope to identify it. Looking on the Internet hasn't been helpful. It was really exciting to see it right in my yard.

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