January 25, 2008

Blurry Moon Photos

Well, why try to come up with a clever title? Just get to the point.

The weather lately has been great. Cold, but sunny and clear. This has resulted in wonderful views of all the mountains and lovely sunrises and sunsets. It's also the reason we've had dramatic moonrises too. From the kitchen we can spot the moon through the trees. It has first appeared as a giant, orange ball. As it rises the color lightens and it appears smaller. Wednesday morning at about 6:15 I travelled one block west on my street, crested the street and looked straight at Puget Sound which was illuminated by the full moon. It appeared not as water but as a field of snow with dark islands in it. It took my eyes a moment to adjust. I just couldn't figure it out at first. The light was so bright and so beautiful and it was still dark. So the water appeared white. What I wouldn't have given to just sit there in my car for another 30 minutes to watch as the colors changed. On days I don't have class I get to enjoy the sunrises form the picture window in the living room.

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