July 31, 2006


Seems like we have "adopted" a member of the Cat Mafia. We call him Droopy-Eye Cat because his right eye lid droops. He's been coming around for a couple of months. He would hang out in the alley or sit on my car and eat whatever treats had been provided. Or just sit there and stare. But recently he has taken to coming into the yard. He's pretty vocal and very affectionate. Yes, I've made the mistake of feeding him catnip and other treats and even cat food. He's fixed. Perhaps someone simply abandoned him or maybe he has a perfectly good home and just knows a sucker when he sees one. Perhaps he likes the extra attention and the other cat company. But Henry isn't exactly pleased by his appearance. And Idgie loathes him. He wants to come in the house and I shoe him away with noises and gestures. But Idgie simply sits on the other side of the cat door (which is actually just a cat hole because she refused to push the flap with her face so we removed it) and hisses and growls. That keeps him out. And just this weekend he got very friendly with S. He jumped down from the fence, walked over to where S and I were sitting on the bench and jumped onto her lap, did his turning in cirlces and settled in for a nap. Looks like he is here to stay. We don't really mind. I'll feed him (in the alley) and we'll give him attention and he can hang out in the yard as long as he behaves. I did have to chase him out the other day for giving Henry a swat. I'd like it if Henry would swat back to let Droopy-Eye know who's boss. Anyway, we'll see how long he hangs around. Could be gone tomorrow, could be here for good.

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  1. Anonymous5:46 PM

    It looks like the cat's breast-feeding.