June 19, 2006


It was a pretty busy weekend, as usual. Friday night I cleaned up some food items from the refrigerator and wound up with two delicious dips. A black bean, chipotle dip and a hummus-esque dip seasoned with a six-pepper spice blend. Both dips included a healthy dose of carmelized onions and mushrooms (the items from the refrigerator). Mmmmmmmmmm.

As usual, there was plenty of work in the garden. Strawberries have been arriving steadily but not in any great quantities. You can see a few of them here. You can also see all the plant starts that by now have, for the most part, been planted.

Most of the garlic has been harvested. It's currently curing in the mud room. One day I'll learn how to braid them. For now, they simply hang in a bunch. The bulbs are better than last year. There's about a dozen bulbs still cooking. The stalks are still green and standing so we wait on those.
With the new found space I've planted some of the spicy cooking greens and some mache. Just nibbling them from the flats I can tell they will be a very delicious addition to a salad or stir fry. Speaking of stir-fry, I've got another two handful of scapes. These came from garlic, onion and leeks and smell wonderful. Friday night some of them were chopped up with a couple zucchini in a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Sauteed it all until the zucchini was golden brown and man, oh, man. Very simple and very delicious.

Pulled some green onions and we threw those right onto the grill with our salmon on Sunday. A little bit of char on there makes it all the better. And in the pea department, we gathered enough to make a super summer pasta dish -
Past with Peas and Lemon as featured on Cucina Bodanza.
Collected a big batch of kale and mizuna to cook up on Sunday. Prepared a few heads of lettuce to use throughout the week. The garden is really turning out the green as of late.

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